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How to Improve Sales Conversion with Proper Web Design? - The Last Mongoose

November 30, 2018by Gertrude Griffin

Proper use of web design can actually help your business website convert them into customers. The idea is pretty simple: provide them with an avenue to purchase a product hassle-free.

Below are just some tips on how you can improve sales conversion with the use of proper web design techniques based on the best website design company.

  1. Make It Easy for Them to Find Their Way

You want people to take out their credit cards and buy your products as quickly as possible. Therefore, it is important that you make your website navigation as streamlined as possible.

If you have plenty of products, add a prominent link on your homepage so that they will be redirected to the product page. If it helps, arrange them in categories so that people can just jump to a specific section that they want.

Also, to cater for more active users who already know what they want and that they do not want to have to sift through plenty of similar products, add a search functionality on the homepage as well.

  1. Make Your CTA Buttons More Prominent

If you want people to buy your products immediately, then be sure to implement a prominent call to action button. For example, you can place a big “Buy Now” button whenever they look at a specific item.

Also, if you plan on putting some Featured Items on the homepage, be sure that they’re able to buy it from there so that they do not have to do a lot of clicks just to purchase a particular item.

For people who want to buy multiple items, the same principle applies. Put an “Add to Cart” option somewhere prominent and make sure that it is easy to see.

Make use of punchy and vibrant colors. In most cases, Red or Orange seems to do the trick, but you can experiment on what works for you.

  1. Make It Easy for Them to Checkout

Once the customer has made their purchase decisions, it is now time for them to check out. The idea here is to not give any annoyances to the customer, otherwise, they’re most likely going to leave.

You want to make the checkout process as seamless as possible. Do not give them a lot of forms to fill, use only short forms that only ask about their most important information, and then give them some options for delivery or if they want to add anything else before they check out.

The idea is that you want the customer to purchase everything as quickly as possible without any hassles.

  1. Check If Your Website Works Fine

Once you’ve implemented the above tips, it is now time to test the website if it is working as

intended. See to it that the call to action buttons work and it redirected the user to the correct page.

See if all of your product pictures load quickly and correctly. Check the labels and the brand and product names to ensure that everything is correctly spelled and the same goes for the prices as well.

Gertrude Griffin