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How Mobile Apps Increase Sales and other M-Commerce Benefits - The Last Mongoose

December 13, 2018by Gertrude Griffin


Mobile app development company used to be expensive and rare. Today, the cost of developing apps has dropped down. There is a mobile app for almost all activities.

The digital marketing industry is fast-changing and endlessly growing. If you are running an e-commerce business, developing a mobile app for your brand is a top decision. Here are some of the advantages of mobile commerce.

  • More Convenient, Faster Purchases

Lots of websites have mobile versions. With a mobile version, there is no need to pull data from servers. Customers can look for, and buy products a lot faster.

Mobile applications provide the same functionality as those desktop apps. Users may buy items directly from the application.

  • Improved Customer Experience

Smooth, convenient customer experience equates to much improved revenue and conversion rates. To able to achieve your business objectives, your mobile shopping app should have the following qualities:

  • Interactive

  • Exclusive
  • Fast
  • Convenient

Remember that speed and simplicity are the biggest factors affecting customer experience. The more simple, easy and convenient your app is, the more sales and revenue it will bring.

If you want your customers to be truly happy, offer exclusive features such as discounts and push notifications. The result would be a convenient shopping experience, ease and interactivity, and better customer retention.

  • Direct Connection to Customers Through Push Notifications

It is impossible for websites to implement push notifications. Push notifications are both unobtrusive and instant—an excellent choice for companies. This is one of the biggest reasons to create an e-commerce app.

Personal communication matters a lot in business. Shoppers can get special alerts when opening the mobile app. Inform them about special offerings, discounts, and exclusive products. This can result to a good engagement rate.


  • Tailored Content


Through a mobile app, you can provide personalized content to your customers. You can base this on your target market’s shopping patterns and individual preferences. Utilize social media profiles, interests, locations and items viewed to bring them what they need.


  • Deeper Analytics

If you want your business to be truly successful, you should learn more about target market. Understanding your customers means greater profit and prosperity.

Through a mobile app, you can establish user analytics on different sophistication levels. It all depends on your digital strategy, and budget for the mobile app. Collect all necessary data that will help you know your customers and audience more. This can result to increase in sales, and improved customer experience.


  • Cost Reduction and Productivity


It is possible to cut down your marketing campaign costs through an efficient mobile app. If it includes social media integration, then your customers can spread the word, too.

Also, mobile app development, support and maintenance are cheaper compared to a retail web store.


  • Store Navigation and Geolocation


Mobile apps can positively impact your marketing initiatives. For better browsing experience, you can offer a vast range of features, including a compass, gyroscope, accelerometer, positioning systems, scanning codes, cameras, and other built-in features for commercial purposes. Incorporating this can result to fun user experiences, increased store visits, and more branding choices.

Gertrude Griffin